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About Us

About Us

Carolyn Hughes Public Relations (CHPR) was established in 2000 by Carolyn Hughes, following a successful career in radio with one of the UK’s most successful stations.

We create opportunities, connect the right people and are always accountable for the work that we do and the brands we representCarolyn Hughes

Everything we do at CHPR revolves around this mantra and our unrivalled reputation reflects this at all times.

We’re personable, passionate and most importantly, are dedicated to making sure our clients’ brands are well represented in the most profitable way at every given opportunity. And because of our no-nonsense approach, the results we achieve really do speak for themselves.

Our clients not only enjoy excellent media coverage, they also benefit from being connected and integrated into the most applicable networks, which help support and grow their businesses, resulting in increased profitability.

Our award winning, tried and tested approach ensures that those we work with are confident that their company’s public presence is being managed as closely as if they were doing it themselves. We get under the skin of the business to understand key commercial objectives, planning our approach before turning these plans into reality – all of this whilst keeping our clients fully informed at all times.

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